Will's Sci-Fi Jet Will from MikeysRC.com built this unique EDF jet. And he allowed me to draw up the plans for it.
Construct a Sci-Fi Jet Foamie! Click here for plans
Keith flying my Sci-Fi Jet
Believe it or not, this creation of Will's flies almost like a trainer!
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The Fly Guy from Jerry LeLacheur Our Jerry LeLacheur constructed this unique "plane" in a 50% size for indoor flying. And he offers this set of plans for building it in any size.
Construct a FlyGuy Foamie! Click here for plans
Here is a link to the FlyGuy build thread

The EM_2 indoor flier Our Bob Branch is an avid electric and indoor flier, so he offers this set of plans for an easy to build and capable indoor foamie.
Construct an EM_2 Foamie! Click here for plans

Just one of many planes Our Bob Branch is very familiar with foamies and indoor flying, and offers these links to a treasure of planes and plans.
Construct a Foamie! Click here for LINK
                                Click here for an index of plans
Bob says: "Guys: This is really a fabulous link! The top message gives links to 5 pages of rc foamies with 100 planes per page! . Each one includes the plans for the plane, many have videos, some simulator programs to download…. someone spent a lot of work on it, but it is great. Most anyone could find something in here to build!"

The Bad Spad Total 3D Performance! Construct a Bad Spad! Click here for BOM
                                    Click here for photos
                                    Click here for plans
Much of this is copied with great appreciation from the S.P.A.D. pages and from NovaBill, who modified this to (nearly) what I have put together for you.

Fast and Furious Combat foamie Build the Fast and Furious Electric Streamer Combat Model Click here for plans
This comes from our Bob Branch, who will demo how to build it in our April meeting.
The sheet is ready to print, but too large to see in the screen, so click here to see the plans, rotated clockwise
Click here for the BOM
Click here for the build activity (in progress as of April 2010)
Click here for Bob's comments & tips on the first flight

Capricorn Seaplane foamie Build the Capricorn Electric Seaplane Model Click here for build instructions and go to post # 527
This comes from our David Bacon, who has been flying this for a couple years now. There are four sizes, but start with the "Original"
click here to get the plans, on the bottom of post # 527

Easy to add to the muffler Add smoke to your muffler Click here for build instructions This comes from David Bacon, who has it on most of his nitro planes.