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Vaughn & John will deliver & pickup a large container at your place.
Hit "Back Arrow" to return from this link

Very professional, I highly recommend them.

Row "1" If you are thinking about printing your own planes, here are some great choices:
Eclipson Airplanes
Wait a few seconds after the Eclipson page loads, and you will get a title bar at the top, that is where I ordered my Model Z plans.
Here is a thread devoted to the Eclipson Model Z: RC Groups Eclipson Tread

The Airborne Reader is a publication produced by Michael Brown, of the AMA 10th District.

This covers Southern California quite well, but Mike is anxious to publish anything you send him
Contact him first to see what format is best for him.

He does a fabulous job, and his photography is outstanding!
Just click on the link above to see his page.

A link to D-VII AMA Charterd Club Forums,
ours is in there!.

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The Academy of Model Aeronautics

Frequency Ident from the AMA

The Prop Shop
Your Complete Model Shop Since 1975
Store Hours:
Monday–Friday 11am-7pm
Saturday 10am-5pm

23326 Van Dyke Ave, Warren, MI 48089 (586) 757-7160
Rechargeable Batteries
Engine Bearings
Row "4" HORIZON Hardwood Flooring Co.
Sanding Southeastern Michigan floors since 1987

Radio Control Club of Detroit
This link, about military machines, inspired Avery, in Tracy Edward's aviation history and beginner aircraft modeling class for 7-14 year olds
Of course, we welcome Avery and the other classmates to join our hobby.
For "juniors", membership is free!.
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Free Search Engine Submission
Free Search Engine Submission

Here is a link from Sean, in Matt Kelly's Boy Scout troop
We hope others will follow Sean's lead into model airplanes, it can lead to a great career!

Avaition "Web Rings"
Row "6" Here is a great program to help you size your prop, and everything else for your power system
Prop Calc
Take a look that our District VII's website. Some interesting info and winter flying photos to name a few.
Row "7" Jumper that diode! Some great reference pictures from Sirus Electronics allowing a battery cycler on your transmitter.
Row "8" Watts needed for your plane These links were provided for Girls to get assistance in STEM
(science, technology, engineering, and math)

Guide to College Success for Women in STEM -

Overview of College Financial Aid -
Youth opportunities in aviation

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Model Aviation Association of Canada

Flyn Wolverines

1. Get username and password from the secretary
2. Secretary tells you when it is set-up
3. Two ways to get your mail:

"Web Mail" is simple, use it from any computer
Click here for "Web Mail"
"Setup instructions" for your computer
Click here for "Outlook"
Click here for "Outlook Express"
Click here for "Mozilla"
Click here for "Entourage"
Mitigator Sting & Bite Scrub
Works better than anything else!
1 Oz TubeBelt Clip Tube
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Shameless plug for my business

Larry's Performance RC
Row "11" WONDERFUL, FREE Flight Simulator Program, no Ads, no computer crashing
I use it all the time...Dave Bacon Webmaster.
After you run the program, the menu bar is in German.
Select English from menu bar second from right.

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Great source of small fasteners for modelling.
I have bought from them for years...Dave Bacon Webmaster.
Another source of small fasteners for model builders, in fact they are model builders! ...See their web site.
Our club members like this place, too.
In Hazel Park, MI
Another fastener supplier that the members mentioned should be included.
I really like their website, but that's me... the Webmaster.
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Another good local supplier, in Roseville, I have dealt with them for automotive fasteners

Source for decrative tape from Chellie, who helps me at
Watt Flyer Forums

Best source for carbon fiber rods, extremely fast delivery for just $2!!! Many other RC items, EPP, Many foamy planes, everything.
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Source for professional graphics for your R/C project.
Excellent prices too!

Plastic Kits - Plastic Model Kits UK - Plastic Aircraft Model, Plastic Vehicle Model, Plastic Model Ships
UK based Just Kits & Models provides plastic kits and plastic model kits which mainly include plastic aircraft model, plastic vehicle models, plastic ship models, military vehicles, military figures, maritime vessels and dioramas. Good stock of aircraft kits, ship kits, boat kits and road vechicle kits like car model kits, lorries model kits, motorbikes model kits.

Row "15" Hubsan X4 review thread -start-
Hubsan review thread -end-
You will get a lot out of this if you read it start to end...