Some pictures taken at the Fly'N Wolverines' field in Fair Haven, Michigan. Click for larger view.

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Aaron Bacon's Ultimate with smoke Ugliest and fastest Kadet ever Ugly Just before the wing exploded Aaron's Concept SRX Aaron Art Miller's Classic Rendition with temporary wheels, until the pants are ready Art Miller's beautiful creation No, I put it that way Kadet, testing new wing on maiden voyage Kadet has new wing, swivel wingtips eliminate adverse yaw ! Aaron's Ultimate Aquila Grande, A classic Glider My air force winter of 1999 Scratch built 1/4 scale cub-like camera plane The TV camera was installed after these pictures This flew like a toad however, and has been retired Extra 325 from plans by Rich Uravitch, wonderful flat spins Sportster and a friend's Mach 1 Scratch built Suchoi with string trimmer engine (now an ST2300) This friend is a recognized expert and will build for hire Pete Carchio's project