The road is too soft before June 1st, DON'T DRIVE IT!, it makes ruts.    Thanks from all of us.

February 2014

If    there is anything you want placed here, tell me, Dave Bacon, Secretary.
Also we have an event calendar that anybody (with the password) can add events to - See "EVENTS" to the left.


Sep 26, 2012

Jack DeLisle, who is a member of the Flyn Wolverines and the River District Eagles not only helped with our Fun-Fly, but he made a beautiful report of it in his newsletter for the eagles.

Link to the Newsletter

Dave Bacon wants to thank Jack for his continued support, Dave Waldecker for being the Contest Director, and arranging everything, and Joe Ialapi for cooking.

Jan 16, 2011
New Meeting Arrangements, as discussed during our last meeting, this from Jerry:

February 7thmeeting
The meeting will take place at the gym at the Algonac Elementary School. 
This was voted on at the last meeting in January.
The meeting will be at the same time 7:00 pm
The meeting will end at 8:00pm and flying will begin.
Bring your plane or helicopter.

The Algonac Elementary School is located at 1300 St Clair Blvd.
This is directly behind the dairy queen in Algonac.
You can also go online to To get directions.
Jerry LeLacheur

Dave Bacon reminds us to bring suitable foot wear for the gym's wood floor, such as clean tennis shoes, etc.

Jan 6, 2010

Subject: Our Art Miller, long known for his beautiful models, offers this one for sale...

60 size Cessna, Global Kit, OS 90 4 stroke, 4 servos, Wood cowl and wood wheel pants, Color matching floats

Spring, 2010

Our field opens in the spring, but PLEASE be respectful of the road.
If it has rained recently, stop after the culvert and walk a bit of the road,
where there is no gravel. If it is soft, please postpone your flying until it dries.

Apr 10, 2008

We now can gain access to the AMA District VII Forum
Just click on the link in the header of this page
You can also click to go directly to our club's forum, below that link

After you setup your account, you will have to request registration for the
Flyn Wolverines forum, 2 ways to do this:
1) Email me with your registered user name only (Not your password)
2) Log on to the AMA forum and "PM" me, that way I will have your user name.

Be sure to record your new User name and Password. THIS SEEMS TO BE NO LONGER ACTIVE - SORRY

Jan 7, 2008

The strongest and most precision wings can be built by a very simple and accurate method.
See the "Links" section for Bob Branch's picture-by-picture explanation.