Fly'N Wolverines meetings are held at two places:
You are invited to attend, you can email the secretary to double check first.
At our meetings, we often have a demo or a member might have some items to sell.
1. Non-Flying months at Jerry's house
        Meetings are; Nov, Dec, Feb, Mar, Apr, (May-sometimes)
The road is too wet to drive on until June, please don't try it!
Meetings are at 7:00 PM the first Monday of the month.
2. Flying Months are at our flying field
        Meetings are; (May-if we can) Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, & Oct
A Mapquest Map: 8010 River Road, Cottrellville, MI 48039-3330
Meetings are at 11:00 AM the first Saturday of each month.

You are always invited to the field to watch us fly, and learn about the sport.
We have a nice covered spectator area with picnic tables in the shade.

Upcoming Meeting Dates and Locations for the Flying Wolverines
Flying wolverines
June meeting
Due to the weather there will be no meeting for the month of June.
We need four volunteers to move the club sign closer to the highway.
Anyone interested please let me know? Thanks

Jerry LeLacheur

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Jerry LeLacheur
President and Treasurer
Dave Waldecker
Vice President
Les Brown
Safety Coordinator
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